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Resolving Inner Conflict Through Parts Therapy

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Bob* thought he continued to drink too much wine each night because he liked it, even though it made him lethargic and grumpy the next day. Tom* thought it was laziness that stopped him using his expensive gym membership for almost a year. Despite their best efforts, both thought they lacked willpower and determination, leading to self-blame, guilt and frustration.

But what if Bob and Tom like many of us, have had inner conflict all wrong? What if we have been inadvertently sabotaging our own success and failing to achieve our goals, because we’ve been trying to fix the wrong cause? Only when you communicate with your subconscious can you identify the real underlying cause of your inner conflict. The moment you do that, change is easy and rapid.

If you are committed to your goals, but repeatedly find yourself doing something completely different instead and you’ve absolutely no idea why, then resolving inner conflict through parts therapy may be worth considering. Transforming inner conflict is now easier than we ever thought possible.

Because what you originally thought was the cause of your inner conflict … is often entirely … incorrect.

What is Parts Therapy?

Parts therapy is a fascinating and enjoyable hypnotic therapy that aims to resolve inner conflict, caused by conflicting, self-sabotaging, inner motivations. Whenever your conscious and subconscious mind are in conflict, the deeper needs of your subconscious mind invariable wins. Certain ‘parts’ or inner drives, especially those concerned with your protection can overpower others, sabotaging or stopping you from taking that promotion, joining the gym, asking that person for a date, starting that course, eating better, stopping smoking, going to bed on time, saving for a deposit etc.

The protective reasons behind your inner conflict were probably valid when they were originally created. Perhaps like Bob, you drank to fit in with your university friends 30 years ago. But you have moved on in life and no longer have that need to fit in anymore. Those inner drives can continue to play on a loop however, just like an old computer program, for years or even decades without challenge. No one instructed the program to stop or upgraded it, so it continues to run. And normal talk therapy can’t help, if it can’t get deep enough into the subconscious mind.

My clients usually find that once they get to the real underlying cause of their issue (which is often a surprise to them), change comes quickly and easily, once the new goals are deeply anchored into their subconscious. The new upgraded program now runs quietly in the background of the inner mind, driving the right thought and the right behaviours, actions and outcomes. Easily and effortlessly.

How Does Parts Therapy Resolve Inner Conflict?

Just like in a normal negotiation, only when all parties can agree on the same outcome, can the inner conflict settle and change occur. The key aim of parts therapy is to bring all subconscious 'parts' related to your goal into an integrated, coherent and harmonious alignment. Within the calm and relaxed hypnotic state of a parts therapy session, the conflicting parts of your inner mind are identified, their reasonings explored and a win-win solution negotiated. The outcome is you achieving your goals quicker and more easily. The sessions are wonderfully clarifying and deeply insightful. You finally get to understand WHY you do the things you do and you hear yourself explaining the changes that need to happen (versus being told by a therapist). The sessions are profound, but positive and light-hearted.

Bob, for example, discovered his university drinking pattern was established in order to be the ‘life of the party’. Once identified, acknowledged and taking on a new role, it was fully integrated with a motivating and supportive part which wanted him to feel vibrant, healthy and present for his kids. Upon leaving the therapy room, Bob discovered his urge to drink had disappeared**. Picking up bottles of wine in the store for Christmas gifts suddenly became unpleasant for him. Bob is still enjoying his newfound teetotal energy and enthusiasm for life, plus the extra cash saved.

Similarly, what Tom thought was laziness in going to the gym, turned out to be his inner mind trying to protect him from the 'danger' of social interactions at the gym, following a painful relationship breakdown. Once he acknowledged this and his inner mind created an integrated and more harmonious approach to his goals, the motivation rapidly returned. As an added bonus, Tom also found himself feeling generally more confident and comfortable in his conversations with others, showing that often the benefits ripple out into other parts of our lives.

What Inner Conflicts Can I Resolve Through Parts Therapy?

Parts therapy is helpful if you have tried and failed to achieve change in your life, seemingly sabotaging your own best efforts. If your best efforts to achieve your optimal career, life, relationship, health or financial wellbeing seem to be blocked and you have no idea WHY, then exploring that inner conflict within your subconscious is worth considering.

Parts therapy can be useful for inner conflict such as:

  • Wanting to get healthier .. but unable to start exercising

  • Wanting to eat better .. but unable to stop snacking or overeating

  • Wanting to drink less .. but continuing to drink too much

  • Wanting a more balanced life .. but continuing to overcommit

  • Wanting career success .. but repeatedly making poor career decisions

  • Achieving great career success .. but unable to relax and enjoy that success

  • Wanting a great relationship .. but unable to commit to healthy behaviors

  • Wanting to pass exams .. but unable to study

  • Wanting to save money .. but continuing to spend

  • Wanting to awake refreshed .. but unable to go to bed on time

For a straightforward issue, change may be possible within 1 session, plus an introductory session. More complex sessions may require a further 1-3 sessions. You will get a sense of the ‘completeness’ of the session and can judge if more are needed.

And change that occurs is authentic. When you hear yourself describing the real cause of the issue and the actions necessary to fix it, change is all the more likely. And all undertaken within the calm, relaxed mental and emotional state of a parts session. Change shouldn’t be this easy and fun!

So in summary, to achieve lasting change in your life, consider exploring the program running in your subconscious. Is it working against you in a ‘best of intentions, but misguided’ way? Getting to and then modifying the real underlying cause of self-sabotage, so that your subconscious can begin working quietly in the background in your favor instead, is an incredible brain hack. Change really isn’t that hard, once you know how!

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I’m Debbie Jeremiah, a leadership learning professional with an interest in the mind at work and accessing the subconscious through regression, parts therapy and hypnotherapy. These are my own thoughts and opinions and as such, may contain inaccuracies and biases.

* Names from these case studies have been changed, but the details are real

** Some change may occur instantly. Other change may occur gradually over the next few days or months. Results are not guaranteed

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