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Mastering Your Inner Mind

Tailored combinations of
all services
to bring clarity and understanding 
during times of confusion 
“ .. The moment you doubt whether you can fly,
you cease for ever to be able to do it ..”

J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Feeling stuck or blocked?
Unsure of the best route forward?
At a turning point or crossroads?

When you’re in a place of uncertainty, emotion or confusion, it can be hard to get enough clarity to figure out what to do. And it’s not surprising. A sense of scarcity has been shown to reduce the brain’s executive functioning, so it's physically impossible to think well from a state of uncertainty, worry or fear.

Your subconscious has a lot of answers though. if only you could access that data. One way to do this is to connect in with your inner mind within parts therapy, past life regression, current life regression, future visioning or deep hypnotic relaxation sessions.


A small package of sessions may be just enough to help you with issues over career, relationships, health and wellbeing, life purpose, unhelpful habits, fears, phobias, stress or anxiety.  

Take Bob, for example.. 


Bob feels stuck and frustrated in his current work role. He has done the role for years, but now feels unfulfilled and demotivated. He feels there must be more to life. He wants change but is fearful and doesn’t know where to begin.

Bob has a package of 5 sessions, selected just for him:

Session #1:  Introduction and deep hypnotic relaxation

Bob talks through his challenges and concerns. In doing so he reaches new insights about the fears that are really stopping him from  moving forward. A deeply refreshing guided relaxation helps rebalance his nervous system and bring more mental clarity. Afterwards, he reflects that the hamster wheel he's living on has made him lose sight of his life's passion, meaning and purpose. He has a great night’s sleep that evening.

Session #2:  Parts therapy (for inner conflict) around career blocks

1 week later Bob has a parts therapy session to uncover the reasons why his career is stalling? What is really stopping him from having his optimal career? Bob discovers that he has a part that knows he could be deeply fulfilled by a change in career, but that he also has a conflicting part that wants him to place safe and to fly under the radar, in order to not upset those close to him. An agreement is reached between the two: to explore new creative opportunities whilst remaining in his current job. Once integrated into a harmonious new whole, Bob feels a positivity and enthusiasm that he hasn't had for a long time. He feels ready to pursue new more creative career opportunities.

Session #3:  Future visioning  5 & 10 years ahead

2 weeks later Bob as new motivation to bring about change at work, but still feels slightly directionless. Given that the subconscious resembles a data warehouse of personal information, Bob has a future visioning session to bring subconscious data to his conscious mind. In a relaxed and calm state, he travels forward in his mind 5 years and then 10 years, to explore what his life is like. Where is he living? What is he doing for work? What is bringing him joy and happiness?

Bob sees his future life in vivid clarity and feels the joy from the new creative work that he is doing. He ends the session connecting with his future self’s energy, posture, qualities, traits and wisdom, which feels deeply motivating. He leaves with greater clarity over his future direction and the short term actions he can take to begin the journey. He decides that he does finally want to write that book after all.

Session #4: Parts therapy (for inner conflict) around writing blocks and imposter syndrome

1 month later and Bob has had some promising career discussions at work. He has also tried to pick up the book writing again but has found it challenging. Each time he tries, a voice in his head tells him he's not good enough. In his parts therapy session, he discovers a part that came into being at junior school when he got laughed at in class whilst reading out his own story. Bob has completely forgotten about this. Just like an old computer program that's still running, that part was still protecting him from potential rejection by discouraging any writing that could be read by others. This was in direct conflict with another part that wants him to be creative because of the joy it will bring him. The session ends when an agreement has been reached with both parts. Bob will ask his new writing tutor to look over his first drafts and offer feedback, to help build his skills and confidence. Once all parts are integrated into a coherent whole in his mind, Bob feels a rush of motivation. Nothing can stop him writing now.


Session #5: Current or past life regression

Some people have past life regression to resolve a particular phobia, past issue or trauma. Others because they have an interest in a particular culture and just out of curiosity. Out of sheer curiosity, 1 month later Bob decides to explore any past lives that involved him being a writer. To his surprise he finds himself experiencing the life of a writer in Florence in the 16th century. Bob experiences how his past personality dealt with writing as a career and what they did when they were out of ideas. It gives him a real sense of what it is like to write and to be in a state of flow. He also experiences the sense of achievement when he is recognised for his talents and also the frustration when his work was critiqued. Bob returns back to the present with the real sense that he has role played being a 16th century Italian writer. It gives him inspiration, hope and motivation for his future writing career.       

Each of Bob's sessions builds upon each other. In combination they provide the inner advice, support and motivation to move forward, exploring new possibilities, testing out new options and trialling new solutions.  

As and when needed in future, Bob can return to dive deeper into anything else that might be hindering his progress.

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