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My Approach

Is fear, self-doubt or anxiety holding you back in life, keeping you small and stopping you from becoming what you came into this life to be? The causes of fear, self-doubt or anxiety are varied, but buried away in your subconscious they often become your driving force. You always do what your subconscious believes, even if that’s in direct conflict with your conscious. However much you may want to change, if your inner mind or subconscious disagrees, even your best efforts can end in self-sabotage and failure. Once your subconscious accepts a new belief, change can be rapid, easier and sustainable.

So how do you know what your subconscious beliefs are? They are often evident in your language, dreams, phobias, thought patterns, actions and your behaviors. Whilst talk therapies are always a beneficial first step, bypassing your conscious mind within the relaxed state of hypnosis, can substitute in new more constructive beliefs. Communicating to your subconscious can produce fast change and rapid relief.  You can think of hypnosis as guided daydreaming or guided imagery. My role is to help you to positively imagine success, believe that success is possible and then to support you to trust and expect it to occur, through the releasing and replacing of unhelpful beliefs.

I believe past, present and future life regression can work perfectly together, enhancing each other, to Master Your Inner Mind quickly and easily in practice.


I specialise in the therapies that I have benefitted from personally during times of challenge, namely;

Past life regression helped me overcome anxiety during a period of overwhelm. My first experience of past life regression occurred 25+ years ago and the memory remains with me to this day. Since then, I have experienced many fascinating past lives, benefitting significantly from the learnings and wisdom that each one has provided.

Present life regression helped me overcome mental blocks during a mid-life career change. Long-held fears seemly disappeared overnight, allowing me to take on new career opportunities without hesitation.  

Future life progression helped me replace self-doubt with excitement, confidence, drive and optimism, when setting up my practice.

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My Background

I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy from the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and am currently studying for a Diploma in Regression Therapy with the Past Life Regression Academy. I am a certified Future Life Progression practitioner and a Parts Therapy Facilitator. I have an Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership and am an advisor to the Academy of Brain-based Leadership. I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists.

I combine my regression work with leadership learning, helping leaders with their skills & concerns around failure, rejection, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fixed mindsets, resilience, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, mindful leadership, coaching and compassionate leadership. I help fearful public speakers build their speaking confidence and skills. I have designed and delivered leadership programs for GE, Accenture and major pharma clients, alongside my own clients. I believe leadership programs can be enhanced through accessing the subconscious or inner mind of participants. I currently help design executive education programmes at Cambridge Judge Business School, part of University of Cambridge.

Outside of work, I have a therapy dog and am a puppy socializer & provide holiday cover for Medical Detection Dog pups in training. I enjoy peaceful dog walks in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.

Debbie and her dog Ellie at the airport
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