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Corporate Training

Tailored guided visualization sessions for your leadership learning programs
Zoom & in-person
" ..The future is not something we enter. 
The future is something we create ..”

Leonard I Sweet

The motivating power of belief

Change needs to be firmly embedded in the subconscious for it to be sustainable. The language of the subconscious is imagination and the driving force behind it is emotion.   

The motivating force behind your employees’ change potential is therefore buried in their subconscious and the beliefs that exist in there. Only when you change those subconscious beliefs, do you change actions, behaviors and outcomes. Ignoring subconscious beliefs and the power of imagination and emotions means leadership programs may fail to deliver the results they could.  Simple guided imagery can be subtly and effectively incorporated within a range of workshops: 

  • Agile leadership

  • Building resilience

  • Building emotional intelligence

  • Building compassion, care and conscious leadership

  • Communication and presentation skills

  • Creativity, future thinking, ideation and divergent thinking

  • Increasing psychological safety, inclusion & belonging

  • Leadership retreats

  • Leadership connection, trust and bond

Enhancing leadership programs through the subconscious

Consider a typical Agile leadership program. It probably predominantly focuses on what participants consciously think. But consider that more than 99% of the brain’s activity, reactions, actions and behavior are non-conscious, existing outside of conscious awareness. Your program may only be targeting a tiny portion of their cognitive abilities. To incorporate their subconscious beliefs, consider the following examples:

Psychological safety, belonging & inclusion

Embed what deep safety feels like, within a guided relaxation, and how easy and non-threatening it is to call it out when it’s absent

… whilst releasing the expectation of threat

Growth mindsets

Embed the pleasurable feelings of fun, growth & excitement of learning through failure and spotting and automatically correcting fixed mindset patterns of thinking

… whilst releasing the fear and rejection around failure or the need to be right



Embed the feelings of being ok with and appreciating the freedom of not having all the answers

… whilst releasing the fear of uncertainty

Divergent thinking

Increase ideation by mentally time travelling forward to ideate expansively on future trends and to stay ahead of the competition

… whilst releasing the sense of urgency  

Solving for the client

Increase customer focus by time travelling forward to identify the future needs of clients

… whilst releasing any sense of apathy around clients  


Mentally rehearse a quiet, calm, still state that supports the ability to push back, say no and focus on what really matters most

… whilst releasing the sense of guilt or potential rejection and ignoring the all of the noise


Constant feedback & coaching conversations

Mentally rehearse within a state of calm, open, candid, crucial, but inspiring conversations

... whilst releasing beliefs around control or possible rejection

Operating across silos 

Embed and create a sense of in-group belonging, connection and coherence, to automatically enhance empathy, compassion and communication

… whilst releasing the natural mistrust of others

Alignment to values

Embed values within guided emotive imagery, potentially connecting with own meaning, values & purpose

… whilst releasing the fear of not belonging  

Accessing the subconscious

Most leadership programs can be subtly enhanced by working with the participant's subconscious, done through guided imagery, guided visualization, guided relaxation, guided meditation or hypnosis, call it what you will.


In a relaxed state with eyes closed, gentle guided imagery offers alternative suggestions to the inner mind. In this quiet peaceful state, with the conscious mind dialled down, existing beliefs can be assessed and where accepted, overwritten by replacements. Most people find it deeply refreshing. 

Is this brain washing? No. When accessing the subconscious, you cannot make anyone do or think anything that they do not want to. If someone is opposed to a particular corporate value say, that is unlikely to change. What may change however, is the general receptivity to suggestions that they DO agree with, making it much easier for them to more wholeheartedly get behind them. You are simply making it easier for them to change in the way that they agree with.  And it feels good too.

In teaching leaders about their brain at work over the last 10 years, most seem to find the subject utterly fascinating. There is also a sense that leaders want more from their leadership programs too. In his uncertain, volatile and rapidly changing age, leaders want to look at the bigger picture and their own part in it. Learning the latest leadership model is no longer enough. Personal transformation, as well as caring, compassionate, conscious leadership, are now as important as personal performance.


Working with the inner mind is a new leadership superpower.

Contact me to discuss your aims for you own leadership programs.

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