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Work & Your Brain

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- Is your mind your own worst enemy? - Does your mind sometimes go blank during important moments? - Do you react emotionally when stressed, misreading situations, emails or intentions? - Or perhaps you say the wrong thing or find yourself lost for words, when under pressure? - Or maybe you feel scattered, anxious, frantic, with fuzzy thinking? - Or just plain stressed and exhausted? - What stops, starts and drives your brain at work? Perhaps better understanding the workings of your own brain and mind might help .. This eLearning course is a simple overview of what stops, starts & drives your brain at work. You can think of it as a basic instruction manual for your brain. With this information you’ll be better able to understand and manage your own brain, mind and emotions in the moment, rather than them managing you. Helping you to work smarter, not harder Because when you’re mind is OK, you are OK (usually) This course will help you understand: • Your brain's primary aim at work • The types of threats that upset it • How your brain reacts to threats, including social threats • How social threats and psychological safety impact your work performance • Some key parts of your brain (PFC & Amygdala) and what they do • Your own peak performance By the end: You'll have a clearer understanding of what stops and starts your brain at work, who is in the driving seat and some simple ways to increase your own self-awareness and regain some control over your own mind Content: Short bite-sized videos (2-5mins each), plus self-reflection questions and a short fun quiz Duration: 60 mins (excl meditations) Suitable for: Everyone who operates a brain Access: For 12 months from registration Extras (free): - 2 guided meditations (Relaxation & Joy). - On completion, invite to a free 30-min coaching call to discuss your own mindfulness practice

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