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Mindfulness at work

  • 52Weeks
  • 72Steps
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Does work sometimes feel like a whirlwind of stress and drama, leaving you feeling frazzled, emotional or plain exhausted? Perhaps this Mindfulness at Work eCourse might help The self-study eCourse will help you to understand: • Why we might need mindfulness? • What is mindfulness? • What are the benefits? • How do you do it, at home and at work? • How do you overcome obstacles, such as "I've no time" or "My mind is too busy"? By the end: You'll have a clearer understanding of whether mindfulness is for you, how it might benefit you and how you can fit it into your home and work life Content: 2-3 hrs of bite-sized videos + quizzes, self-reflections & guided meditations Suitable for: Individuals, from complete beginners to intermediates Access: 12 months from registration Extras (free): On completion, invite to a free 30-min coaching call to discuss your own mindfulness practice

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