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Focus & Attention

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Remaining focused when life gets frantic - Is your mind your own worst enemy? - Scattered? Inattentive? Unfocused? - Flitting from one thing to another? - Leaving behind a trail of unfinished tasks? And what impact does this have on your life and work? - Feeling in control? - Or feeling exhausted by it? Perhaps better understanding more about your own focus and attention might help .. This eLearning course is a simple overview of focus and attention and ways to increase it Find out from brain science just how ineffective some of our normal working strategies can be and discover some alternative, more brain-friendly ways to get stuff done and take back time Helping you to work smarter, not harder "Great class on the value of attention compared with the cost of multitasking. If you start out the class thinking that you can do something else at the same time, you will hopefully quickly realize the fallacy of that approach, and the apply it to other parts of your life" This course will help you understand • Explore how your brain typically focuses or gets distracted • Reflect on the typical human brain state and the implications of this at work • Identify just how ineffective you are when you multitask • Consider the structure of your day from the perspective of maximising your cognitive resources and minimising your cognitive load • Explore some brain smart working practices that you can immediately apply By the end: You'll have a clearer understanding of your brain's tendencies, together with some practical ideas to boost your own concentration and productivity Content: Bite-sized videos (average: 5 mins), plus self-reflection questions, a short fun quiz and a focus guided visualisation Duration: 3 hours Suitable for: Everyone who operates a brain Extras (free): On completion, invite to a free 30-min coaching call to discuss your own mindfulness practice

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