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Regression & Hypnotherapy

Are you held back by self-doubt, anxiety or unhelpful thoughts?

I specialise in past lives, future selves & true potential 

Release the past, to embrace the future

".. if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change .." 

Wayne Dyer

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What is regression and how does it work?


Regression goes back to the very source of an issue (the original sensitizing event) and changes or reframes the way you experience it. In doing so, you can rapidly alter your automatic reactions, thoughts, behaviours and actions. Change becomes easier because you simply don't respond in the same way.

Take someone with a fear of public speaking for example. We might follow the trail of that fear back to a moment at school when they were bullied for speaking up. Even if forgotten, deep in their mind they still have the associationspeaking up will hurt you. Regression changes the association with that original memory so that it no longer packs a punch. The original event has finally been let go of. 


The amount of energy we use in our lives keeping fear, shame, guilt, anger or sadness down and out of sight can be enormous. When you release the blockage, the amount of vitality suddenly available for life can be significant. Apathy disappears, confidence increases, conversations begin, gym memberships get used, flights get booked, walls get decorated and jobs get changed. When you're no longer anchored to the past, the post traumatic growth can be enormous.

What is regression helpful for?


Regression therapy can be used alongside counselling, CBT or coaching and can be helpful for:

  • Anxieties: stress, social anxiety, low mood, fears, phobias, overwhelm, burnout, apathy, low energy, resilience, insomnia, grief

  • Baggage: childhood issues, mild to moderate trauma, guilt, shame, loneliness, outdated beliefs, addictions

  • Performance: confidence, assertiveness, speaking up, dealing with authority

  • Stuckness: finding yourself at a crossroads, limiting assumptions, life transitions, dissatisfaction, frustration, mental blocks, redundancy 

  • Reconnection with self: the drive to rediscover passion, purpose, meaning, zest for life, life balance, the real you

Past life regression, current life regression, inner child work, parts therapy and future visioning all work in similar ways to change your automatic responses. You are unique and your sessions will be too.  Simply book an appointment and we will mix & match from the various services, to suit your particular needs.

Wow! What an amazing experience with a true professional. My past life regression was thought provoking, enjoyable and relaxing. Would highly recommend using Debbie.

Past Life Regression

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