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Past life regression: An effective tool for leadership development or total woo-woo?

Updated: Jul 12

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Over the last few months, I have led a number of people into past lives. Although controversial to some, I now believe it to be an effective and rapid tool for healing, growth and self-development.

In this article I’ll explain what past life regression is, how it can be beneficial and its potential role in helping leaders to release themselves from the past. Before we get into the details, just know that past life regression is secular and suitable for atheists and cynics alike. If curious, read on …

What is past life regression?

Past life regression uses light hypnotherapy to explore past life events which may be associated with current life symptoms, issues, phobias, unexplained pains, repeating life situations or behavioral patterns. Re-experiencing and then releasing these lives and their traumas, within the safety of a regression session, may help resolve current issues and can be immensely healing.

Someone with unexplained recurring headaches may for example, find themselves regressed back to a past life where they had a traumatic head injury. Symptoms can improve rapidly, when that past life event is identified, reviewed and released.

Whether it’s for healing, self-development, self-empowerment or just curiosity, people explore their past lives for many reasons:

• Healing or relieving physical issues

• Releasing phobias, fears, traumas or anxieties

• Exploring relationship issues or patterns

• Gaining greater insight into your life’s purpose

• Healing ancestral events & your family tree

• Bringing more meaning into your life

• Expanding your sense of life and consciousness

• Reducing fears around death or dying

• Experiencing other historical times & cultures

• Simple curiosity

But is it real you ask? The answer is we just don’t know. Eminent researchers such as Professor Ian Stevenson and Dr Jim Tucker have been researching reincarnation within children for decades. Renowned researchers such as Dr Pim van Lommel, Dr Parvia, Dr Eben Alexander and many more are researching Near Death Experiences (NDEs). Many others continue to explore the nature of the hard problem of consciousness (HPC) or non-local consciousness, beyond time, space and the brain. And of course, the world of quantum physics has many secrets yet to be revealed.

Certainly past lives do feel real. The vividness of detail, including sounds, smells, tastes, sensations or pain and the depth of emotions felt is persuasive. They can feel like living out the character from a movie, as it is being played. There is usually an instantaneous knowing of facts and details (without any conscious effort) of who the characters are and how the story is playing out. The amazingly interwoven stories with unforeseen plot twists often match the plot lines of a gripping film or novel.

But could all of this simply be part of an ultra-real inner cognitive experience, as opposed to a real past life? Quite possibly. It is may well be that regression permits access to deeply stored and normally inaccessible subconscious data, which emerges into consciousness in the form of a past life story through this regression process. We simply don’t know and both viewpoints are equally valid. The truth of any memories that surfaces for you in past life regression is, therefore, for you to decide.

What are the benefits of past life regression?

Past life regression can be approached either out of curiosity (past life tourism), or therapeutically. As a therapy, the key benefit is the opportunity to release old blocks and trauma. Just like pulling out an old and irritating splinter, the source of the discomfort is identified and the thorn swiftly pulled out. As most of our issues in life stem from our relationships with others, a major part is the expression of previously unspoken words or actions between the characters in that life. It is usually deeply emotional and profound. By the end of the session there is little left unsettled, unsaid or unreleased from that life.

A neurodiverse individual … might experience a life of deep emotion and intense social interactions

Past lives usually parallel the client’s current life struggles and is helpful for building self-efficacy. They can usually see and apply the links and learnings immediately. Most clients report improvements in wellbeing, perspective and general outlook on life, with a sense of lightness and brightness afterwards. For example:

  • Someone with a fear of dying, can experience an easeful death, letting go of that fear

  • A neurodiverse individual questioning their ability to read social cues or feel emotions, might experience a past life of deep emotion and intense social interactions, allowing them to have a neurotypical experience

  • Someone who worries needlessly might experience a traumatic life, giving them greater perspective and gratitude of this comparatively easier life

In addition to healing, we can also revisit past lives to re-connect with and bring forward past skills, talents and wisdom. If you want to write a book, then re-living the life of a writer in a past life may help your writing and creativity skills for example. Or we can aim to explore a positive past life. My overwhelmed clients often benefit immensely from the peace and simplicity of a simple, hunter-gatherer life or that of a humble farmer. Or alternatively, some clients wish to go forward 5-10 years in this life, or even to a future life, to connect with and bring back, qualities, energies and wisdom. The time-travelling options are endless!

Does past life regression have a role in leadership development?

To my mind, the greatest potential for leaders, is to view past life regression as a sort of fully immersive, ultra-real role play, where relevant fears, blocks, old patterns, boundary issues, imposter syndrome or any other issues can be faced, explored and worked through. I believe the outcomes are far greater than any VR or classroom role play could ever achieve. The challenge of receiving forgiveness, forgiving the unforgiveable and continuing to love when feeling unloved, can be profound for leaders, and us alike.

Having explored VR for learning, which of course is still in its relative infancy, I currently believe that VR learning can’t begin to touch the profoundness and ultra-real nature of these regression experiences. VR cannot replicate the vivid and immersive experience of the inner mind. Within a past life, you ARE that character, along with all of their fears, loves, shames, guilt, physical issues, challenges and of course emotions. And all you need do is to shut your eyes. And of course, there’s no heavy goggles, VR nausea or 20-min time limit.

The greatest potential for leaders, is to view past life regression as a sort of fully immersive, ultra-real role play

Of course, we support leaders to face into their fears through executive coaching, but that can only deal with conscious thought. Emotional wounds are often buried deep within the subconscious. And it’s those deep subconscious wounds that impact behaviors, reactions, thinking patterns and ultimately actions. And you might say that it’s those contagious deep inner wounds that end up infecting others nearby, as anyone with a nightmare boss knows only too well.

If we want our leaders to be empathetic, to inspire, to create psychological safety, to be vulnerable, to embrace failure and to be more human, then releasing deep blocks from past wounds, through therapeutic past life regression, is one tool to consider. Although best when explored individually, lighter group regression sessions can also be helpful for exploring alternative perspectives and big picture thinking.

VR cannot replicate the vivid and immersive experience of the inner mind

There will be more blogs to come on this subject, but for now I’ll close by saying that even though we don’t understand the source of therapeutic past life regression, it is still an effective intervention to bring about rapid release, growth and self-development. If you’ve never considered it before, perhaps it’s now worth exploring. And of course, the truth of any memories that surface for you in past life regression, is for you to decide.


What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I’m Debbie Jeremiah, a leadership learning professional with an interest in the mind at work and accessing the subconscious through regression and hypnotherapy. These are my own thoughts and opinions and as such, may contain inaccuracies and biases. This article was originally posted on

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