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Presenting for the Petrified

  • 52Weeks
  • 97Steps
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Presenting for the Petrified is a beginners self-study eCourse, covering the basic skills of presenting, together with ways to feel more confident, comfortable and overcome nerves when speaking in front of others. Covers in-person & virtual presentations and meetings This eCourse provides all of the speaking skill theory you'll need, in a series of short videos, together with suggested home practices, secret practices, secret challenges and guided visualisations. All of these will help you to experiment with new ways of speaking up, but in a safe and comfortable way. Others need not even know that you are practicing! Suitable for: Anxious, fearful, highly sensitive, introverted, neurodiverse speakers, those new to presenting, or those who wish to start out gently. Not suitable for skilled or confident speakers The 8 sessions cover: 1. Introduction 2. Understanding fear & the brain 3. What to say (structuring a presentation) 4. How to say it (using your voice) 5. How to express it (using your body language & props) 6. How to manage them (dealing with the audience and questions & objections) & storytelling 7. Virtual delivery, meetings and presentation preparation 8. Putting it all together, presenting with passion & authenticity By the end: You'll have a clearer understanding of basic presenting skills, an awareness of fear & the brain and some helpful brain hacks, together with a wealth of risk-free suggestions that you can try out in day-to-day life. No pressure. No stress. No tears! Each chapter includes videos, home practice suggestions, guided visualisations and a short quiz Duration: Allow 1-3 hours per chapter to watch the videos, have buddy calls (if applicable) and undertake some home practice. Note: much of the home practice can be undertaken during the course of your normal day-to-day life Video content: 7-8 hours Extras (free): On completion, invite to a free 30-min coaching call to discuss your own presentations

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